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Charity is an important building block for a good community.  What is charity? It is the selfless attitude of someone, acting in favour of others, without expecting something in return.  Synonym: Altruism, philanthropy, generosity or solidarity.

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Lifting Dreams is a registered non-profit company which specialises in community upliftment through educational support in underprivileged schools and communities. We are always looking for individuals to join the program as teachers.


We invite you to help clean a sidewalk, park or empty lot in your area as a volunteer. Let's stand together to make our beautiful city of Potchefstroom even cleaner and better! Together we can make a difference!

Men Volunteering
Woman holding a box of clothes for donation


This project aims to provide needy people on the street with one blanket during the cold winter months in Potchefstroom.  There are approximately 500+ people on the street. Moorivier Beskerming and CB Security help with its distribution.


Donations, food, blankets or help with animals are needed.

PAWS Donations bank details:


Account number: 1120758521

Branch code: 198765

Dog Shelter
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Kwende Construction t/a EB's Hardware


Acc: 4098883254


Reference: Children's Home

We can be contacted at the store 018-297-1447 (Christie / Marius)

WhatsApp: 079 893 7113

Email: (Marius)


More than 9500ha of grazing land burned down in the North West.

Afriforum NPC

First National Bank

Account no: 62349898398 

Branch: 261550

Reference: Brande

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